5 Quick Tips About Networking on LinkedIn for Introverts

I’m on LinkedIn; now what?

This question is frequently posed once someone’s set up an account and is stymied by “what’s next.” What should you being doing with your LinkedIn profile? How do you use LinkedIn to network effectively, especially if you’re not a naturally outgoing person?

Picture yourself in a real-life networking situation. There are people moving easily around the room, making introductions, and gathering contact information to follow up with later. If this makes your heart race with anxiety, then building your network online offers a definite advantage.

Tip #1: Like in-person networking, the message you present about your qualifications on LinkedIn is important. Your “about me” statement fits nicely into the Summary section and helps the reader understand your professional niche before learning more about your professional work history and educational background. In many cases, a reader will be able to tell just by reading your headline and summary why you would be a valuable contact.

Remember, when you ask someone to connect, you’re not asking for a favor, you’re volunteering to be a resource for them.

Tip #2: Motivated professionals understand one of the main purposes of being on LinkedIn is to network, and if you provide them with a valid reason to connect, they’ll accept your request. When you initiate a connect request, mention that you have mutual connections or work in a similar industry. Purposefully look for people with a higher number of connections because it’s a good sign they’ll accept your request, too.

Tip #3: What many people don’t realize is that being on LinkedIn without a broad network puts them at a disadvantage. You’re available, but you’re not findable. Expand your connections so when someone is searching for a candidate with your skills, your profile shows up. Attaining 500+ connections is best, but set a manageable goal for yourself. If you have 20 connections, aim for 40. Then you could decide to reach 50 or 75. Keep growing your network in small steps. The more people you connect with on LinkedIn, the more intelligent the site’s suggestions become for “People You May Know,” and you begin to mix with people you wouldn’t meet otherwise—you’re networking!

Tip #3: LinkedIn also allows for the addition of optional sections to create a clearer picture of your unique experience. If you’re going to use your volunteer work or affiliation with a professional organization to network—a great idea, by the way—they need to be listed on your profile.

Tip #5: If the idea of working with a recruiter is appealing, perform an Advanced People Search and reach out to recruiters who place people in your industry or at the company you value. Include your reason for connecting with them and what you’re seeking.

Networking can be a high payoff activity, and Career Solutions Group can help you take those first steps on Linked In. Contact us at info@careersolutionsgroup.net for more information.

By Lidonna Beer, CPRW