5 Things to Consider When Making a Career Change

So here we are again! The earth has completed its rotation around the sun, the year has looped around to the beginning, and everyone is getting ready to make their New Year’s resolutions. For some people, this will mean going to the gym more often. For others, it will mean thoroughly cleaning out closets, attics, and garages. And for still others, it will mean looking critically at their job situation and deciding it’s time to make a change. If you are one of the many people thinking of making a career change, then know that you are not alone. But before you dive headlong into the career changing, job searching process, here are some tips that will make your road less bumpy.

  1. Make a plan. This involves a number of different moving parts. Before you make a career change, make a plan outlining how you will go about it. Are you financially stable enough that you can quit your current job? Do you know what career you want to go into? Are there qualifications for the field that you don’t have yet? This is also a good time for you to do a little soul-searching. Consider your strengths and abilities, and make a list of things you enjoy doing in your current career. An article by Quintessential Careers (link here: Career Change Mistakes) suggests doing a thorough analysis of your likes and dislikes before making a career change. What strengths do you have? What are your weaknesses? Before embarking on a career change, do some soul-searching, and have a plan to execute the transition with ease. At Career Solutions Group, we can help you answer these questions and create an effective plan.
  2. Consider why you want to make a career change. A lot of job satisfaction is tied up in career and company culture. If your workplace’s culture is toxic, then chances are you won’t enjoy your work. You may decide that this career path isn’t for you, but before you jump to that conclusion, evaluate why. Do you want to leave because you want to pursue a different path, or because your workplace is toxic? Have you outgrown this career path, or do you merely need to readjust it? Going hand in hand with the first suggestion, it’s important that you understand why you want to make a career change before you make it.
  3. Reach out to your network, and expand it. Only a small percentage of the available jobs are posted publicly. A large majority of positions are never publicly advertised, and many job-seekers are now finding positions through their network. A well-developed network is important for all job seekers, but particularly crucial if you want to make a career change. Reach out to your professional network. Let them know that you are looking, but also begin expanding your network to include people who hold positions you are interested in. Ask them for advice, and investigate what their position actually entails. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later.
  4. Dust-off your job search skills. Especially if it has been awhile since you were on the job hunt, make sure you know how to job search effectively. Is your LinkedIn profile updated and filled out? Are you aware of job search sites? How long has it been since you prepared a resume? At Career Solutions Group, we can help you polish your job search and interview skills before you find yourself in dire need of them.
  5. Think about career trajectory. Before jumping into a new career, consider where you want that career to take you. Think about the most effective way to engage with this new career path. Are you looking to find an entry level job in a totally new area and work your way up? What is the endgame of making a career change? Examine the trajectory you want your career to take before you jump into it. Not only will this help you step into your new career with confidence, but it will also help ensure you know where to go next!

Making a career change can be a tough process, but most everyone makes a significant job move at some point during their life. With the right tools you, too, can make an effective, smooth transition to a new career. Want even more advice, or looking for professional support to ease your career shift? Email us at info@careersolutionsgroup.net. We offer free initial consultations, and we would be happy to help you make a smooth career transition!

By: Julia Pillard, Career Solutions Group