CareerWow is a self-directed employee career-development tool to improve employee engagement, boost company performance, and strengthen communities. CareerWow is used by some of the best-places to work employers such as New Belgium Brewing, Otterbox, Colorado State University, and University of Colorado Health, and they’re achieving these results:

  • Boost morale & results
  • Simplify and personalize the career-growth process within your company
  • Empowers employees to define goals that address their personal strengths while supporting company growth
  • 24-7 access for instant accessibility and fast results.
  • Delivered in a cloud-based LMS format
  • Predictable pricing, lower-per-employee training costs
  • High impact, entertaining career methodologies and videos
  • Works at all levels within your organization

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“There are a world of possibilities out there for me now!”

-Kristi M. – employee

CareerWow provides a way of growing and developing our employees. Developing people is a critical component to organizational effectiveness, and engaged employees greatly enhance the successes of our organization. We strive to engage our employees each and every day, to provide world-class service to our community.”

-Doreen Kemp, learning and organizational development manager for the City of Fort Collins.

“The CareerWow product will help our employees deepen their engagement level, first by allowing them to see clearly how their future aligns with the future of the organization, next by providing the tools to progress and grow their career as they would like.”

-Jennifer Anderson, former manager of engagement for University of Colorado Health.