Creating Positive Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is something that grows organically over time. It is the result of employee action, company decisions, managerial approach, and a whole lot of other factors. Many of our clients at Career Solutions Group, in fact, begin their job search process with the goal of working for a company with positive culture after experiencing a toxic culture in their career.

If you want to create a positive company culture, one that welcomes new voices and creates great services, products, etc., then there are a number of things you can do to create scaffolding for that culture to develop. Here are three suggestions how:

  1. Develop and maintain open lines of communication. One of the biggest factors in creating both positive and negative company culture is how communication, especially communication about problems, is handled at all levels. In a toxic work environment, employees often choose not to address problems in order to avoid being punished for bringing up potential issues. Instead, they remain silent about problems and encourage a claustrophobic, stagnant atmosphere.

In creating a positive company culture, encourage open, creative lines of communication from the bottom up. This will help create an atmosphere where forward thinking and creative solutions are rewarded, and where employees are engaged with the organization rather than apathetic or unhappy with it.

  1. Encourage thoughtful dissent. Another symptom of a toxic organizational culture is a phenomenon often called “Groupthink”. Groupthink occurs when a group of people in an organization adheres rigidly to the status quo, maintaining similar thought processes in order to minimize conflict. However, this can lead to alienation of individuals outside the group, as well as poorly made decisions and a lack of self-reflection.

To avoid Groupthink, establish a willingness to hear new ideas and opinions. Encourage members of the organization to think of alternatives, to brainstorm new ways of looking at things. Reward analytical thinking rather than punishing it, and invite new voices and fresh eyes to examine an issue before making big decisions about it.

  1. Create and adhere to a vision. Having a vision for your business, including the difference it will make and the culture you want it to have, will create a compass for your path forward. If you manage to adhere to those values, this encourages members of the organization to create an environment that fosters the vision of the organization. So create a vision that encourages empathy and teamwork, and then work to maintain these values throughout the organization.

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By: Julia Pillard, Career Solutions Group