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Job Hunting by the Numbers:

How to Organize your Job Search to Statistically Improve Your Results!

In this free, fun webinar, you’ll discover how to organize your job search.

  • Go from sending out hundreds of resumes with few results, to landing the job of your dreams through strategic approaches.
  • Increase your confidence in the steps you take, knowing you’ve got proven results guiding you.
  • Save time and effort through smarter, results-producing job hunting techniques.

Please join us for this enlightening, eye-opening session, and you’ll gain step-by-step guidance for how to raise the bar on your job search success.


About your webinar presenter:

This dynamic, info-packed webinar will be led by masters-degreed career expert Katy Piotrowski, M.Ed., LPC. at Career Solutions Group, an award-winning career counseling firm with a mission to help talented, motivated professionals to get their careers on track and powering forward! Interested in learning more?

We offer a free initial consultation. Contact us to set this up!

9/21/17 at noon MST.
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Job Hunting By The Numbers

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