Frequently-Asked Questions

What is Career Counseling? Will You Place Me?

You're most likely familiar with the concept of counseling, where individuals meet with specialists to overcome challenges and make progress in their lives. Career counseling is very similar, except that we focus primarily on career issues, rather than on family or personal challenges. Sometimes people confuse career counseling with recruiting or placement services. There are some important differences between these two. The purpose of recruiting and placement is to find the right person to fill a job for a company. Recruiters are paid by the hiring organization, so their first priority is to meet the needs of the company, "Putting square pegs in square holes", as one recruiter described it. The goal of career counseling is to help you identify and implement the right career steps for you. Our clients hire us to help them achieve their professional goals, and they are our top priority.

The proprietary processes we use at Career Solutions Group have been developed since our founding in 1998. For nearly 20 years we've assisted thousands of clients to achieve their career goals. When Katy Piotrowski started the company, she brought with her a masters degree in career counseling as well as specialized training received from Richard Bolles, the author of "What Color is Your Parachute". She also had years of experience working for a national career management firm, along with a decade of background as a marketing manager in the high tech industry. From there she experimented with a variety of career counseling approaches until she had developed a highly successful, efficient, step-by-step, action oriented process for helping clients identify, research, choose, and implement satisfying, rewarding career plans. Over time she expanded company resources and talents, resulting in enhanced, comprehensive career counseling for clients.

Can You Help Me Identify New Career Paths, or Change Careers?

If you are aiming to define great-fit, inspiring career options, either to launch your career or to change careers to a better path, Career Solutions Group offers a range of services that could be valuable to you. To start, you would receive a comprehensive assessment of your talents, skills, interests, passions, and values. Then these elements would be combined into a multitude of career options. Typically our clients identify somewhere between 20 to 50 career possibilities that are highly appealing to them. Often these are career options that they've never considered before.

Our support also involves investigating and choosing which career options make the most sense for you. This is an energizing, insightful process that can help you truly realize your career goals, rather than just thinking about them day after day. For instance, one of our most successful strategies is to connect you with specialists who are experts in the careers you're considering, so that you can interview them about their work, find out how they got into their careers, learn the pluses and minuses, recommended training, typical compensation, and so on. These details help you determine a) if this is truly a career option you want to choose for yourself, and b) how you can successfully transition into this new line of work. It's very typical for clients who conduct career research interviews to quickly realize that their skills and background are highly transferable, and that they would be able to move into a new career successfully, often without any additional training. It's an exciting, eye-opening process that can open new career doors and change your life!

How Can You Help Me in My Job Search?

If you've already decided on a specific job search goal or career vision, our job hunting, resume, LinkedIn and interviewing-support services will be especially helpful to you. Using highly effective search techniques that only about 10 percent of job hunters know about, our clients consistently uncover 70 percent of the best opportunities out there...opportunities that are rarely advertised. If you're stuck in the rut of looking at the online job ads, this service would be especially helpful to you! For example, we help our clients identify and connect with hiring managers at the target companies that are the best fit for their career goals. We also provide networking contacts to assist you in your job search, from our database of thousands of individuals we've established relationships with over the last several years. And the resumes we develop with our clients have a track record for generating extremely high rates of job interviews.

What is Your Success Rate, and What are Your Fees?

Over the years, approximately 75% of our clients have been able to make career progress resulting in significant improvements in career satisfaction. About 20% of our clients, after completing our process, decide to stick with the career path they're already on. In these cases, the individual has realized that perhaps the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence. This is a highly valuable realization, because now they're at peace with their choice, rather than wondering, year after year, "Should I have made a change?" And the last 5% of our clients, for reasons of their own, decide not to follow through on our recommendations. Overall, our results are excellent, which is why the majority of our clients come to us as referrals from former clients. Feel free to read some of our client’s testimonials on the founder Katy Piotrowski’s LinkedIn page:

So now you may be thinking..."Okay, so what does all of this cost?" As you've just read, this isn't an overnight, quick-fix service. Rather, it's an investment that can take a number of weeks or months to complete with the goal of significantly improving your career. Please ask us for a customized quote during your free initial consultation.

How Do I Set Up a Free Initial Consultation?

If you'd like to discuss your unique situation and possible next steps, we'd like to meet with you for a free initial consultation. Feel free to contact us through phone or email (970)224-4042, or to set an appointment.