Job Interview Assistance

Job Interview

With Job Interview Assistance, You Can Step into Your Next Interview with Confidence

“Tell me about yourself.” Often this is the first question asked in a job interview…and one that many candidates fear most. How do you answer it effectively, along with the other standard queries of “What are your strengths?” and “Describe a conflict you’ve had with a coworker”? At Career Solutions Group we’ve coached 1000’s of talented, motivated professionals to improve their interviewing skills, present themselves with confidence, negotiate top compensation, and land the jobs of their dreams. Our job interview-skills coaching process includes the following:

  • Articulate your best, relevant accomplishments in our Success Database. This is a fun, confidence-boosting experience that will have you believing, “Yes! I’m the best candidate for the job!”
  • Learn how to best handle classic job interview biggies like, “Tell me about yourself,” “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” and toughies like, “Why should I hire you?” We’ll also guide you through how to handle those challenging behavioral questions such as, “Describe a time when you had to make an unpopular decision”.
  • Practice your newly-acquired interviewing expertise in a videotaped mock interview. We’ll have you dress as you would for the real deal (we’ll guide you on what to wear) and help you improve any weak spots in your presentation. You’ll also receive a link to the video to learn from your experience.

“I just had an interview with a top employer and I felt that the interview went very well. They used a lot of behavioral and problem solving questions in their interview but that didn’t stop me from answering them clearly and effectively. As suggested by your interview help, I stayed as enthusiastic as I could and managed to make the interviewers laugh three times during the interview which let them know I was relaxed and confident. After the interview I felt that I presented myself well and they saw what my personality was.” – David

“With CSG’s interview-coaching help, I talked with the company about a salary adjustment on their offer, and they did up my starting salary by 6%. This brought it up to the minimum of what I wanted. So I officially accepted the Boulder position and start next Tuesday. Thank you!” – Dave