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Land the Job of Your Dreams through Leading-edge Job Search Techniques

Ever feel as though you’re spinning your wheels in your job search, sending your resume into the black-hole of job ads yet rarely hearing anything back? You aren’t alone! Many other job seekers struggle to effectively apply to companies through online ads. However, the majority of positions aren’t even filled through job ads, and we can help you get noticed by recruiters and top companies through our award-winning job-hunting techniques. Work with Career Solution Group’s experts to get your job-search tools in peak shape to achieve these maximum results:

  • Uncover 70% more open positions through hidden-job-market search avenues.
  • Attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers seeking specialists with your skills by plugging into cutting-edge job-hunting technologies and employing proven-effective search strategies.
  • Master effective job hunting through by learning how to align your resume, LinkedIn profile, interviewing skills, target company list, hiring-manager contacts and networking strategies to identify positions ideal for you.
  • Understanding how companies use applicant tracking systems to search for keywords in resumes, and learn how to incorporate those keywords into your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • Create a results-producing network using our established connections and proven contact-building techniques.

“I found a job! I’ll be moving to NY for a position helping to connect people in poor neighborhoods to healthier jobs. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me!” – Michaela

“I landed the COO job late last week! Got a good salary, a performance bonus and 4 weeks vacation. Yippee!!!! Thank you so much for all you help!” – Susan

“FYI. My ROI on ‘investing’ in your services is less than 5 days! Now that’s wise investing!” – Chris