Job Searching Over 45

I have worked with many clients who worry that their age will adversely affect their job prospects. They tell me, “no one wants to hire someone my age,” and this mindset leads them to feel defeated before they’ve even started looking. It is true that we exist in a working culture where age discrimination can and sometimes does happen. But you shouldn’t let that fear stop you from continuing to pursue your career and job interests. Remember: you have a depth of experience and knowledge of your industry and field that younger workers lack. Use that knowledge to identify hiring companies and trends in your industry.

Another thing you can use to your advantage in the job search is your network. Over many years of working in the professional world, you should have developed an extensive network of colleagues who can lead you to new opportunities. Younger workers who haven’t yet grown their network don’t have this advantage, nor have they built the long-term relationships that help a network function easily. And you’re professional network isn’t all you have access to! Think of all the people you know personally, from your neighbors to your friends to people involved in volunteer experiences with whom you’ve connected. These networks, along with your LinkedIn network and professional network (and yes, they will overlap a bit) can be a great tool in finding your next opportunity. A little lost on how to tap into that network? Career Solutions Group can help you unlock your network’s potential for your job search.

Additionally, be open to going after new certifications or supplementary training to update or improve on skills you already have. The technology in every field changes on a fairly regular basis, so you want to try and stay abreast of it. Many universities offer continuing educational programs, and there are lots of online resources that offer valuable certifications.

If you are on the job hunt right now, two valuable resources for you are Workforce50 and SeniorJobBank. Click on the links to check them out. And don’t forget to be a resource for someone else who is job searching. As they say, what goes around, comes around.

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By: Leslie Arnold