Looking Backwards: Achievements in 2015

Although the Romans borrowed many deities from the Greek pantheon, the god Janus can be called particularly their own. Often thought to be the root for our month “January” (although there is some debate about this), Janus was the god of transitions, beginnings and endings. He is often depicted with two faces; one looking backwards and the other looking forwards. So, as we move into 2016 and begin to make good on our various resolutions and goals, it is important to do as Janus does and look back at all we have accomplished in 2015.

Like many people, I often have difficulty measuring my own successes. When we make a goal and begin working towards it, we frequently measure our progress by how close we are to the goal, not how far we are from the start. This means that, rather than feeling proud of successes and gains, we despair at how far away the goal is at any given time. Perhaps this acts as a motivator, but more often it leads to a feeling of inadequacy and uncertainty, maybe even leading you to give up on the goal altogether.

The solution is a simple one, but one that people sometimes forget or feel is unnecessary. Here it is: make a list. Sit down with a paper and pencil, or perhaps in front of your computer, and think back on this last year. What did you accomplish? Were you able to get to the gym more often? Did you make that career transition, or land a promotion? Even things as small as learning how to use a new piece of software or cleaning the house more regularly can be viewed as accomplishments when looked at in the right way! I’ll give you an accomplishment just for reading this; you are literate, an ability that many people didn’t have 300 or 400 years ago. When you start to think back on the year and really consider how far you’ve come, I’ll bet you have many more accomplishments then you first imagined.

Take a look at your list. Marvel at the fact that you have accomplished so much, and have the opportunity to accomplish so much more! Don’t get rid of this piece of paper! Keep it for the next year to remind yourself how much you’ve already accomplished. As you move towards your next goal, keep in mind that you can do it, because, in many ways, you’ve already done it before. Also remember that a transition or change doesn’t have to be made alone; there are many resources available for you if you seek them out. And like Janus, remember to look backwards as well as to the future!

Here’s to a wonderful, productive 2016! And keep us at Career Solutions Group in mind as you move forward in your career. If you are considering making a change and are interested in professional support, email us at info@careersolutionsgroup.net. We offer free initial consultations and have helped hundreds of job seekers make successful, fulfilling transitions.

By: Julia Pillard, Career Solutions Group