Looking Forward: Creating Goals in 2016

Janus, the two-faced Roman god, represented doorways, time, endings, and beginnings. On Tuesday, I gave you a way to acknowledge and feel pride in your accomplishments from 2015. Now, it’s time to look into the New Year and begin taking on your goals for 2016!

But wait. How do you pick achievable yet important goals? How do you pick the next mountain you are going to climb and know what to pack for the trip? I can’t tell you what goal you should set your sights on—that process is entirely individual. Maybe you want to take on that project you’ve been thinking about recently. Maybe you want to run a marathon, or climb an actual mountain. Perhaps you are thinking of making a career change and have decided this is the year to do it. Your goals, whatever they may be, are personal and particular to you. However, there are some things you can do, regardless of the goal itself, to help you achieve it.

  1. Write it down & hold yourself accountable. An unspoken goal is like a new lamp; if no one knows it’s new, they probably won’t comment on it. If the only person who knows about your goal is you, then it’s far easier to shirk on it. Instead, write down your goals. Let your friends and family know about your aspirations, and share your progress with them. Perhaps even consider hiring a career counselor who will hold you accountable if you are performing a career change. These are the people who will be your cheerleaders and your conscience as you move forward.
  2. Break it down. Every goal seems unattainable when you start out. The voice of doubt in your head speaks up and starts pointing out the flaws in your plan, how hard it will be to achieve, and how much work still lies ahead. So rather than look at the ultimate end goal, break it down into doable pieces. Do you want to lose a few pounds and gain some muscle mass? Try breaking it down by making it a goal to go to the gym just this week. Working on making a career change? Start by updating your LinkedIn and dusting off your resume writing skills. Take your goal one step at a time.
  3. Don’t forget to celebrate. Stepping up to achieve a goal is hard work! Don’t forget to take a day every now and then to reward yourself for how far you’ve already come. Go for a hike and enjoy the scenery; rent a movie you’ve wanted to watch for a while; invite a friend to coffee and share your successes so far. Life isn’t just about latching onto the next big achievement; it’s about celebrating the little ones as well.

As you move forward into the New Year, you are joined by thousands of other people also hoping to achieve great things. Remember that you are not alone; there are so many people willing to support you if you ask. And like Janus, keep your face turned to the future, but remember to look back every now and again.

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By: Julia Pillard, Career Solutions Group