Resource Round-Up: 5 Job Seeker Sites

I am a research oriented person. I love delving deep into the minutiae of an issue, examining it from multiple angles. I believe that knowledge is power, doubly so when it can be applied to such an important process as the job search process. Here at Career Solutions Group, we have developed lots of different techniques for doing job research for our clients. One of these techniques includes sampling information from lots of different resources. Today, I’d like to share some of my favorite online job search resources with you. Here are five great websites for career changers:

  1. LinkedIn. LinkedIn has become a staple for professionals in the working world today, with hundreds of millions of users leveraging it to find new opportunities. Many recruiters, hiring managers, and decision makers now turn to LinkedIn to locate potential new employees. Not only this, but LinkedIn is a great resource for doing research on your goal position. You can check out profiles of people in your target position, as well as companies that hire frequently in that area. Here is where you can find it: LinkedIn
  2. If you want to see hundreds of job ads in one place, is one of the best resources for you. It pulls job ads from many different job posting websites and collects them in one long list. It’s a great resource for doing research and finding opportunities, thought I wouldn’t recommend as your only resource. After all, it has over 100 million unique visitors per month! Find it here: Indeed
  3. With a lot of similarities to, SimplyHired has one particular benefit that Indeed does not: it is able to take a job ad and compare it to your LinkedIn connections, showing you how closely connected you are to individuals working in that company. This allows you to combine your LinkedIn research with research from another platform. Explore it further here: SimplyHired
  4. Probably the largest job board for nonprofit organizations, Idealist offers a search function for jobs as well as internships and volunteer opportunities. Idealist can provide some great resources for trying out new industries, if you’re looking to make that change. It also provides a list of events being held in your area; a great way to find casual places to network. Check out the website here: Idealist
  5. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Bureau of Labor Statistics website is a smorgasbord of information for the job seeker. From information about salary in your area to unemployment statistics to productivity information, this website has it all. It might not have as much depth to specific job listings as other sites, but it makes up for it by providing massive breadth. It can provide you with at-a-glance information about your area, as well as projected growth in different industries and for different jobs. Definitely check it out early on in your job search. Find that website here: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Like many things in life, it’s a good idea to make sure you know what you’re getting into before you go jumping in. So, prior to conducting your job search or career change, do some research and make sure you have a plan for going about it. You will thank yourself in the long run!

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By: Julia Pillard, Career Solutions Group