Seven Stellar LinkedIn Tips

We talk a lot about LinkedIn profile development here at Career Solutions Group, in part because it’s one of the best ways to be found for jobs today. A key component to using LinkedIn effectively is providing a well developed profile. Here are seven tips towards making your profile stand out:

  1. Make your profile as complete as possible. LinkedIn’s search algorithm favors profiles which are filled out to near completion. If you’ve been avoiding filling out sections of your profile, now would be the time to do so! Having a fully filled out profile will help you turn up more often in searches. As a bonus, you can include a link on your resume and show your profile to potential employers.
  2. Have a professional photo. LinkedIn is a professional online network, so you want to present yourself as professionally as possible. One of the best ways to be professional is having a formal photo on your profile. A good photo will present you dressed professionally, and it shouldn’t have other people in the background. Part of the career success formula for Northern Colorado Career Solutions Group clients is a professional photograph taken at our office which can be used for LinkedIn as well as other locations.
  3. Key in to keywords. Keywords are the words or phrases most strongly associated with any particular topic. If you’ve ever gone to the library and used a keyword book search, then you already know how to use keywords. Most jobs have keywords which are strongly associated with them. If you want to be found for a particular position or industry, make sure you take note of the keywords. Include these words and phrases in your headline, summary, experience, and skills section to boost your profile views.
  4. Maintain relevance. Make your LinkedIn profile as relevant as possible to your goal position. Gear the descriptions of previous positions towards the skills needed for your next opportunity. Incorporate the name of your goal position into your headline. Want help on identifying title and skills for your next career move? Career Solutions Group can support you ascertain and incorporate career-oriented wording into your profile.
  5. Join and contribute to groups. LinkedIn is filled with groups geared towards many different topics and industries. Joining these groups can provide you with an untapped network of peers. Once you’ve joined a group, get involved in group discussions will help you make new contacts and grow your network even further. Who knows? New opportunities just might present themselves through a contact made in a group setting.
  6. Summarize. Having a summary gives you yet another excellent location for keywords. However, did you know that having a summary of more than 40 words can help you turn up more often in searches? So don’t shirk the word count. Make sure you’re including relevant background details, and don’t neglect those keywords!
  7. Categorize. Are you hoping to work in a specific industry? Then you should include it in your profile! Hiring managers, recruiters, and decision makers will look for people who already have the skills in their industry. Don’t make it difficult to find you. Include your industry of interest to boost views on your profile.

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By: Julia Pillard, Career Solutions Group