The CSG Story

Career Solutions GroupOn the hunt for a success formula that will result in a more rewarding career? Career Solutions Group has been perfecting theirs since 1993, and they’re ready to share it with you.

Back in the 90’s, Career Solutions Group founder Katy (Katrina) Piotrowski worked in high tech marketing. She loved the process of promoting a great product, but longed for work that was more meaningful. So she started helping people on the side with marketing themselves to achieve better career situations. She found this work highly rewarding and eventually ditched high tech to get a master’s degree in career counseling. Then, in 1998 Katy opened a business providing transition support to people who wanted to define a more meaningful career niche, land more rewarding jobs, and continue advancing successfully in their professions.

Very quickly she saw what a huge difference the support was making in the lives of her clients, and she set a goal to mainstream career counseling for as many people as possible. This required that she get the system down to a science, so she developed step-by-step processes—success formulas!—to lead clients to achieve their career goals effectively and efficiently. Word spread about the results of her work, Katy and her company started winning awards, the business grew, and Katy added a team of professionals to provide support on an even bigger scale.

Today, thousands of career-minded professionals benefit from the Career Solutions Group’s success formulas, delivered through one-on-one counseling, books, videos, and Learning Management Systems. These individuals achieve their career goals faster and more effectively, creating better lives for themselves and their families.