Things to Avoid When Choosing a New Career

Things to Avoid When Choosing a New Career

There comes a time for many us when we pause and take a close look at the work we do. It would be great if these pauses could be built into our professional lives but they rarely are. This kind of soul searching usually crops up when we are experiencing some sort of crisis. This can take many forms, from problems getting along with co-workers to a questioning of the value and purpose of work. Ideas about doing something else can arise out of this crisis. This can be a great opportunity for positive change but you need to be careful and not make decisions that are clouded by strong emotions that haven’t been thought through. So if you are considering a change in career, here are some things to avoid.

When we are really not enjoying our work it is easy to imagine that we would be happy and content if only we had a job like… There is nothing inherently wrong with comparing your situation and imagining another to be ideal–it might turn out to be really great. But you can’t be sure of that based just on your feelings. If you think you want to try out a new career talk to people that already do that kind of work. Get first hand evidence about what they like and what they don’t. Use this information to ground your

Don’t Do What You Can Do, Do What You Should Do

When you are stressed and unhappy in your work it can be really uplifting to get an offer from a friend or colleague about a new opportunity. The urge to say yes can be really strong, again because you think the change will bring you relief. Before you jump, first pause and reflect. Is the new opportunity something that you really should be doing? Or is it just something that you can do? If it’s just a different job that you can do, switching may do nothing to get at the root causes of your dissatisfaction. Figure out what you really want to do – work that has a purpose, that uses skills you want to use, in an environment that is healthy for you.

Really Know Why You Want a Change         

People find motivation in their career from different sources, and these sources change over time. Money may be the driving factor for you now. Maybe you are more concerned with your quality of life. Many choose to do work that aligns with their beliefs and values. Figure out what is motivating you and why. Think through the impacts that a career change will have on you and those around you. Know that career switching usually leads to a decrease in income, at least for a while. Can you do what you want to do where you currently live or will you need to move? Are you willing to move? It is easy to get overwhelmed thinking about all these things—and few of us have much practice.

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By: Bryan Dennis, Career Solutions Group