The Value of Getting Help

Life is challenging and ever changing. No matter how much we think we know, there will always be times when we need outside help. Going to a doctor, taking your car to a mechanic, and calling a plumber are examples of these moments. And choosing not to get help can easily turn a small issue into a really big deal.

In our professional lives we tend to only look for help when there is a problem: you are unhappy with your job, you were laid off, your chosen industry is changing and you are being left behind skill-wise. Even when these problems arise we often hesitate to ask for help. Expect that your professional world will change and that you, as an individual, will change too. Professional help, like medical help, is best sought out before a small issue becomes a major problem. If you need professional help get it before it becomes a big deal.

In recent years, most of us turn immediately towards the internet when a big, seemingly unsolvable problem appears. The internet provides a seemingly endless supply of information about how to solve any problem. However, even skilled navigators of this sea of information can have a hard time finding the shores of real knowledge. The search is exhausting and overwhelming; you find yourself asking how you can be confident that you have the right answers and you aren’t missing something critical. We still need people, friends and family, to provide critical support during times of change and challenge, but they are (most likely) not experts at understanding how the professional world of job finding and career building works now.

Career counselors are experts at guiding you through a job search or career change. They have deep experience navigating the process of a career change. They are professionals that can keep you on track, help you find a new path, and keep you moving even when motivation and self-confidence are at a low. Career counselors support you as an individual, but also ask the hard questions and encourage a process of decision making that is informed by evidence and knowledge of the professional world as it is today.

Your career is a key part of what makes your life happy and satisfying. Career Solutions Group offers services that help you make great decisions and teach you skills that can be used throughout your career. To learn more, please contact us at We offer free initial consultations that will help you understand the process in greater detail.

By: Bryan Dennis, Ph.D., Career Solutions Group