Several Super Salary Sites

Salary is one of those topics which can determine whether or not a job seeker will accept a job offer or decline it. It’s also a topic that is hard to get a handle on, especially when first entering the job market or making a move from one industry/position to a different one. However, there are a number of online resources you can use to help get an idea of the potential salary for any given position.

  1. This resource, while not always easy to use, will let you look at the bell curve of salary for different positions in your area. You can compare different position titles, look at desired experience, and see the high and low of projected pay in your area. It isn’t 100% accurate—after all, jobs go in and out of style and demand pretty regularly—but it is a good starting point to get an idea of what the salary might be. Find it here.
  2. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook. This is an excellent general resource. You can browse jobs by highest growth, highest paying, and so on. You can also select educational experience, training, and pay level to look at different position projections. This website is also update pretty regularly, offering more up-to-date information. Used with other resources, it can help you attain an accurate picture of potential salary in any given position. Find it here.
  3. Like, this site allows you to look at salary for a position in your area. It also gives customization options based on job title, education, and other factors. It’s slightly more in-depth than the other two. This site also shows you comparisons of salaries in other cities as well as cost of living. Used with the other websites listed here, you can come up with a fairly accurate projection of salary for different positions.Find it here.

Obviously salary will fluctuate from position to position, company to company, and city to city. It’s dependent upon hours, level of experience, and a number of other factors. If you’re looking to negotiate for more salary, check out our article posted yesterday (you can find it here) about salary negotiation and timing. Or, if you want even more help learning about salary negotiation, consider emailing us at We have helped many career changers to learn how to better negotiate for higher pay!

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By: Julia Pillard, Career Solutions Group